Cotton is one of the best known and oldest fibres. It is a plant fiber made into yarn and has long been used to make fabric.

It is a natural textile fiber in the same way as wool, silk or linen. This natural fiber has become the first textile fiber in the world. It differs from synthetic fibers made from polymers derived from petroleum (such as acrylic, polyester or polyamide).

Let's discover several reasons to wear cotton lingerie.

First of all, it is a hypoallergenic fiber, which makes cotton the material best supported by the skin. People with sensitive skin do not hesitate to look for the presence of this material in their underwear. Indeed, it avoids irritations and allergies.

In addition, its simplicity suits all silhouettes. We can then ask ourselves the following question: where does the comfort of cotton come from?

It is a living fiber. Indeed, it breathes and absorbs moisture and perspiration from your skin, leaving it dry even during high summer temperatures. In addition, it helps the skin to breathe better thanks to its air permeability.

Cotton improves hygiene because cotton underwear is more resistant to successive washes, and therefore has an exceptional lifespan.

Lady-coton has made a specialty of marketing cotton underwear, working for over 15 years with the brand AVET for women and AVET SET for men.


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