Our new clothes, we want to keep them in shape and color as long as possible. It is the same for our lingerie especially when it is made of cotton. Nothing more unpleasant to see it deform or lose its shine, is not it?

The ideal would be to wash it by hand but we all know it is a constraint that we gladly do without. The fact is that we all have a washing machine and it must be admitted that it has become essential to us.

The solution is simple, above all do not exceed 40° because the cotton fiber may relax, avoid fabric softener or bleach at all costs, which may tarnish your lingerie.

We also forget the dryer and we favor natural drying so as not to break the fiber and the ideal is outside for this good smell of freshness.

Cotton is a natural fiber, it is important to take care of it, so you will keep its comfort, its elasticity and its breathable and hypoallergenic side.


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