Menstrual panties

Menstrual panties

Finally a sensational discovery, I don't know what you think, but personally, I find this discovery brilliant !

Menstrual panties ar made, at the crotch, of several layers of fabric, some of which are organic and all of them are made of natural materials. Only the last layer of fabric is synthetic to provide us with foolproof waterproofing.

Lady Coton offers you four models, it's up to you to choose according to your tastes but also according to your flows. Some are more absorbent than others, take a good look at the description that I offer you under each article.

All panties are made in Europe, you can find BAMBOO, COTTON... Know that these panties are also made to compensate for incontinence. Panty liners, like sanitary napkins, contain chemicals that can cause problems for mucous membranes, allergies, dryness... Let's care of our bodies and stop polluting ourselves !

The different Menstrual panties :

  • Anaïssa : 95% COTTON, normal to heavy flow
  • Peau Ethique : ORGANIC COTTON, normal flow
  • Simone : BAMBOO and COTTON, abundant flow
  • Ma délicate culotte : 95% BAMBOO, abundant flow.

In conclusion

The definite advantage of these menstrual or leaks-proof panties is comfort and freedom. The ideal would be to have several for a day/night rotation.

Maintenance is quite simple, because before washing you have to rinse them in cold water and than turn them at 40° no more and you're done !

The only small problem is drying, because 4 or 3 layers of fabric take time, hence the interest of having at least 2. A good investment after all, because there's no need to buy packets of pads or tampons or panty liners, the saving are real. In addition, it is an ecological gesture and not the least when you consider the amount of waste that represents all the hygienic protections.

Menstrual panties


on sept. 22, 2022


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