Our collection women allies comfort, hygiene and elegance.

Breeches in bras 100% cotton, including the ultra-comfortable, elegant and invisible bottoms our collections will know how to seduce you by its variety and its elegant simplicity. Discover our hypoallergenic, hygienic and natural products for return to the basic pleasure to feel good.



  • Panties
    <p>Comfortable and sexy if we wish it, they confer us an attractive silhouette.<br />Yes Ladies, there are several cuttings of panties.<br />It is necessary to take time to compare them and to adapt them according to your morphology to find THE shape which suits you.<br />Lady-coton proposes you a range very varied with a bit extra: the sweetness and the hygiene.</p>
  • Underrobes
    <p>Completed to put under a dress or a skirt, he will become essential to your wardrobe thanks to his quite soft gainage.</p>
  • Boxers
    <p><span id="tran0" style="background-color:#efefef;">The boxer, covers and curves more your body. These few grams of cotton have the power to be sexy while being comfortable.</span><br /><br /><span id="tran1" style="background-color:#efefef;">It goes under a skirt, a dress or a pants. Elasticated only in the size, their captivating shape hides the small imperfections by dressing nicely without coiling.</span></p>
  • Brassiers
    <p>With or without armatures, our bras characterize THE archetypal feminine underwear allowing a support and a protection to a certain extent as well as a development of your breast.</p>
  • Tee-shirts
    <p>Studied for a comfort on a daily basis, our tops and T-shirts opt for the 100% cotton well-being and their material brushed make them ultra comfortable all year round also thanks to the absence of sewings on sides.</p>
  • Invisible
  • Sans coutures

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